Blaise and Patricia Feumba with their three children
Helena, Odelia and Yoel!

On May 10, 2011, I – Blaise Feumba – wrote the following email to my dear brother Kip McKean.

Dear Kip,
I remembered those 10 minutes I spent with you in Seattle [at the 2005 ICOC Leadership Conference] wanting to understand what was going on in our family of churches at that moment. You told me you were going to start another movement compelled by the Spirit of God. At that point, I wasn’t sure that was the best thing to do, but after the churches in French Africa went through the same Satanic rebellion in 2007, I understood what you meant in that room at the Seattle Conference. Almost three years have passed since I left the ICOC. Most of what has been said about you and Elena has been said about Patricia and me in a very smaller scale. But the pain and the sufferings we have been through were used by the Lord to draw us closer to His heart through countless nights of tears and grief in His purifying hands.

We survived by God’s grace and kept preaching the gospel for which I have been called. From a church [which I once led] of over 2,000 members in Abidjan, [Ivory Coast], a band of about 20 courageous disciples followed Patricia and me for the start of a new planting. We were all resolved to follow the clouds and not the crowds convinced that the church we have given our youth for was dead with politics and deceit. This was the new game played by the shepherds in the ICOC for power and influence. Without any support from men, we grew from 20 to over a hundred in two years, as well as sending out a new planting to Hiré, Ivory Coast, which now numbers 30 disciples.

Re-instated as an Evangelist by Kip McKean – GLC 2011

I want to use this time to let you know that I am sorry for the letter I have signed against you in 2005, because I was not courageous enough to stand against the crowds. I did this against my conscience, but of this I do not blame anyone other than myself. Please forgive me brother because I have sinned against the Lord with a band of brothers who wanted to kill their “father” to take his position. We did not learn from David who understood that God hated rebellion against Saul no matter how badly Saul had treated him. I have no hatred in my heart against my former friends. In fact, I have resolved to pray for them every day begging the Lord to draw them back to once again be close to His heart.

My Ivorian brother, Daniel Goli (LICC) welcoming me to London in 2011

The Lord has been gracious to my family, as recently He snatched us out of the fire of civil war in Ivory Coast, and brought us to France, our country of citizenship where we are resolved to preach the gospel. At this time, I can’t think of another captain I would like to pursue this with. I have watched you over the past three years. Your deeds speak of God’s mighty hand on you. No matter what you have been through you are still standing stronger than ever for Jesus and for His mission to see this lost world evangelize in one generation. You have proven yourself worthy to be followed as you follow Christ. Here am I in France with a burning desire to save as many souls as possible. I need you in my life. Our love to Elena.

Blaise & Patricia Feumba

After visiting the City of Angels International Christian Church on May 20-27, 2011, and then fellowshipping with the London International Christian Church from May 28-31, 2011, we – motivated only by the honor of our God – wrote the following article on The Glory Of The Second Temple.

“The glory of this present [movement] will be greater than the former [movement].” I – Blaise Feumba – was converted to Christ in 1990 in Lagos, Nigeria and soon joined our French-speaking sister church in Abidjan, Ivory Coast four months later, where my wife Patricia was baptized in 1989. God’s presence was obvious as churches in the Boston Movement (in 1994 named the International Church of Christ) all around the world were all committed to fulfilling the dream “to evangelize the nations in one generation.”

London European Missions Conference 2011

In 1991, my wife and I were called into the full-time ministry. I was

appointed Evangelist in 1995 and was called to be the Geographic Sector Leader (GSL) of French West and Central Africa in 1998. The Lord blessed our ministry as in about eight years, we had reached 14 nations and grew to 22 churches with almost 3,600 disciples under our leadership. In Abidjan alone, the campus ministry grew to over 500 disciples!As I soon found out through our different ministry trips to Africa, America and Europe, each of our churches were a group of totally committed disciples who surrendered their lives to Christ, to the apostles’ teachings, and were growing through discipling, obedience to the Word, and submission to their leaders. It was so amazing to be welcomed in any church around the world by fellow disciples as a family member. In 21 years after the start of this movement from God by Kip McKean and “the 30 would-be-disciples” in Boston, the gospel was taken to 171 nations of the world, including every nation with a city of over 100,000 in population.

As our movement was growing so fast, the leaders were pumped-up by “our” victories and successes. In retrospect, little by little we were being drawn away from God. We started fighting for position and title, became proud and arrogant, and finally led churches in rebellion against the authority and leadership of Kip McKean. Most of us were led astray during this time and a worldwide conspiracy was organized to assassinate Kip’s character and reputation. He was labeled divisive, arrogant and prideful and we were rallied to sign a letter to excommunicate him.

After we turned against our “father in the faith,” the wheel revolved and we had our flocks (congregations) turning against our leadership all over the world. Very soon Scriptural principles of church growth such as discipling, sacrificial giving, house churches, accountability and central leadership were called “unBiblical,” dismantled and replace by the Mainline Churches of Christ theology of congregational autonomy. As in the time of the judges, “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.” (Judges 17:6)

We soon saw what it was like to become a “group of autonomous churches,” each with a divided mind about world missions. I then had to travel throughout America to beg for finances to support our churches, as there was no longer a central leadership to call the churches to give to missions or to organize the distribution of funds.

Most of the churches turned their back on us, as they had “new priorities” for their money. Cities, such as Atlanta, where we used to meet with one church became over 10 independent churches with different agendas! We did not feel welcomed at certain places and all the congregations became lukewarm and sad. Attendances were dramatically down and rarely did we witness God’s miracle of baptisms.

After resisting for almost four years against the way of the world that had severely hit most of our fellowship around the world, the Abidjan Church finally drank the bitter cup of rebellion against God. I was wrongly accused by my fellow friends and leaders in the church, who were backed up internationally by some of those who have planted churches in Africa from the States. I stood in front of the church and confessed with tears and brokenness the sins I recognized in my leadership and life. I was sorry to have hurt God’s people with my impatience, selfishness, and lack of faith. I had made wrong judgments and bad decisions at times, but never did I “steal” church money, as I have never had a signature on any church or HOPEworldwide account. (I had been the National Director of HOPE for four years.) Any check I received was signed by those on the board and according to our policies and procedures.

At the end of our partnership with what was left of the ICOC, we received death threats from “so-called disciples.” Finally in August 2008, we were abusively fired without any severances after 18 years of full-time ministry. We were kicked-out of our house and left with no support and had to go and live in a one bedroom house with our three children at my mother-in-law’s place, who was dying from cancer. Some elders came down with the results of the audit they had commended. During a meeting with us, they freely admitted that the audit did not show any evidence of us stealing church money. We pleaded in tears for them to tell the church the results of their audit. But this request was to no avail.

Blaise and Patricia Feumba with Michael and Michelle Williamson who lead the London Church and have deeply cared for the Feumbas since their move here in 2011

The Lord used all that we went through to help us understand Kip and Elena’s situation. My people were doing to me what I had done to them. So after all these years, after I have signed the letter put up by the ICOC leaders against Kip McKean, our father in the faith, my conscience was hurting. In particular, shortly after the 2005 Seattle ICOC Leadership Conference, I saw that my weak character led me to feel pressured, so I cancelled my speaking engagement with the Montreal ICOC Church. This was due to my cowardice since I was told that I would “lose the financial support for my French-speaking churches” if I went to Montreal as they had joined Kip.

Sadly, my not going caused the Montreal Church to waiver. They chose to no longer stand valiantly for the honor of God, and in cowardice left the new movement.

I started watching Kip and Elena on internet through the Portland and later the City of Angels International Christian Church websites. I was excited to see how great they were doing in the Lord and how quickly the churches with them were growing in spite of a fierce persecution. But I took my time to let the Lord confirm if this new movement was from Him. As Gamaliel said,“Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail, but if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” (Acts 5:38-39)

The civil war two months ago in the city of Abidjan was so intense as thousands were killed. As a responsible father, I had the grace of having my family rescued from the Ivory Coast’s furnace and was settling in France, when I surrendered to the Holy Spirit. After talking with my wife, I emailed Kip and apologized for signing that letter against him. The response was staggering! Literally, he called me some minutes later with joy, excitement and love!

Kip invited us to LA and what we saw confirmed to us that we have joined, not a movement of men, but the new movement of God! At the airport, we were overwhelmed by the number of leaders and disciples that welcomed us with songs of love. We stayed with different couples that poured out their hearts and loved us sacrificially.

Heathrow Airport 2011 – surrounded by the love of the fellowship

The Sunday service was amazing! Disciples sang with all their hearts with great hymns to God! Kip’s sermon was heart-wrenching, inspiring and visionary! We witnessed eight incredible baptisms! The fellowship after service went on and on; the disciples were not eager to go home. We had tears in our eyes. Our trip to visit with the London International Christian Church confirmed again that the churches should have the same Biblical standards all over the world. Disciples and leaders alike expressed the same faith, love and commitment to evangelize the nations in this generation that we witnessed in Los Angeles.

Solomon’s temple was “baptized in gold!” Yet, the second temple was built quite modestly by a poor remnant, and in comparison to the first temple “looked like nothing.” (Haggai 2:3) Yet, Haggai preached to the remnant that “God will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations will come, and fill this house with glory.” The remnant was God’s “desired!” The Lord Almighty went on to promise, “The glory of the present house will be greater than the glory of the former house.” So too, I believe the glory of God’s new movement, though presently very modest in numbers and in finances, will be more glorious than the amazing first movement which reached 171 nations, because “we” – the “desired” of God “shaken from the nations” – have been purified in life and motive! On our way back to France, sitting in that plane, tired with “a holy fatigue,” after 12 days of a reviving faith trip, I looked at my wife and said, “Fasten your seatbelt, cause THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS BACK!” To God be all the glory!

Blaise and Patricia Feumba

The Feumbas are now leading the East London HouseChurch

Blaise & Patricia moved to London in late June 2011 to be full-time in the London International Christian Church! Excitingly, because of the Feumbas’ labors for the Lord in Ivory Coast, two new remnant churches joined God’s new movement – Abidjan and Hiré! KM


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